Director of Naval Shipbuilding and Engineering

Vicealmirante Manuel Antonio Martínez Ruiz

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Vicealmirante Manuel Antonio Martínez Ruiz
Vicealmirante Manuel Antonio Martínez Ruiz
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Vicealmirante Manuel Antonio Martínez Ruiz

Vice Admiral (Engineer Corps) Manuel Antonio Martínez Ruiz was born in Santander. He entered the Naval Academy in 1978 and graduated as Lieutenant Junior Grade in 1983. He has been embarked in many surface ships as an electronics and hydrographic specialist.

In 1995 he joined the Navy’s Engineer Corps after concluding his studies in the Spanish Navy Royal Observatory and the Higher Technical School of Telecommunications and Engineering studies.

He holds a degree in Telecommunications Engineering from the Polytechnic University of Madrid (UPM) and a PhD in Telecommunications Engineering from the Carlos III University of Madrid (UC3M). VA Martinez Ruiz is also a Staff graduate from the Higher School of the Armed Forces (ESFAS).

He has been assigned as a Navy Engineer at the Navy Research and Development Center (CIDA) directing R+D projects and representing Spain (DGAM) in international programs and NATO’s Research and Development structure, being a member of several international forums. Later he has been assigned to the F-100 Frigate Program Office (1999-2002) in the Spanish Navy Logistics Support Headquarters. He subsequently attended the EMFAS Armed Forces General Staff Course (2002-2003) at the Higher Center for National Defense Studies (CESEDEN) and moved to the Logistics Division of the Spanish Navy General Staff (Programs section).

In 2005 he moved to SPAWAR (International Office of the MIDS Program, Logistics Division), in San Diego, CA (USA) until 2009, with responsibilities in systems integration in platforms and in negotiation of contracts with American and European companies. In 2009 he moved back to the F-100/F-105 frigate program, being appointed Program Manager in 2011 and director of the CSSQT operational qualification tests of the F-105 frigate ‘Cristóbal Colón’ in the USA.

In 2014 he was appointed Head of the new F-110 Frigate Program, being posted to the General Directorate of Armament and Material (DGAM), General Sub-directorate of Program Management, making compatible the Direction of both F-100 and F-110 programs, including all the associated R+D Technological Programs.

On March 3rd 2018 he was promoted to Rear Admiral (Engineer Corps) and appointed Deputy Director of Navy Engineering.

On September 28th 2018 he was promoted to Vice Admiral (Engineer Corps) and appointed Director of Naval Shipbuilding and Engineering.

VA Martinez Ruiz is a regular lecturer at universities -invited by the Spanish Institute of Strategic Studies and CESEDEN- such as the Polytechnic University of Madrid, Complutense University of Madrid, UC3M, La Rioja University, University of Valladolid, Jean Monnet Center of Excellence, Camilo Jose Cela University, etc. He has been an associate professor at the Carlos III University, and is a professor of the Master in Logistics and Economic Management of Defense at the Complutense University of Madrid and Professor of the International Master of Military Naval Engineering at the Higher Technical School of Naval Engineers of Madrid (ETSIN-UPM). He is a PhD professor at the Higher Technical School of Naval Weapons Engineers of the Spanish Navy (ETSIAN). He has also lectured on naval programs, BMD (Ballistic Missile Defense) capabilities and integrated logistics support in multiple specialized forums, both in Europe, South America and the USA.

He has taken several courses on engineering systems at NATO and the USA. He has also completed the Program Management and Senior Logistics Management Courses at CESEDEN. VA Martínez Ruiz has extensive international expertise in Program Management and Integrated Logistics Support.

He has represented the DGAM in industrial conferences in international programs in Canada, Saudi Arabia, Colombia, etc.

Vice Admiral Manuel Antonio Martínez Ruiz is married and has a son. He is a great fan of classical piano.


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