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Vice Admiral Alfonso Delgado Moreno

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Vice admiral Alfonso Delgado Moreno
Vice admiral Alfonso Delgado Moreno
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Vice admiral Alfonso Delgado Moreno

Vice admiral Alfonso Delgado joined the Naval Academy in August 1982, and graduated as Lieutenant Junior Grade in July 1987.

He served on board several surface combatants: corvette “Infanta Cristina” and frigate “Extremadura”, where he took part three times in Operation SHARP GUARD, an embargo operation of the former Yugoslavia. Furthermore, Vice Admiral Delgado served as 31st Escort Squadron Staff Officer, and in the CEVACO (Spanish Fleet Sea Training and Qualification Centre).

He was promoted to Lieutenant Commander in 1999. In 2000 he completed the Joint Staff Course in Madrid and served at the Navy General Staff, both in CIS and Plans Divisions. He also served at the Strategy Division of the Armed Forces College. He was a member of the Military Strategic Permanent Group and a Naval War College cooperator.

Promoted to Commander in July 2007, he was assigned to H.M the King’s Household as the Navy representative.

Alfonso Delgado commanded four Spanish Navy warships: the patrol boat “Espalmador” as Lieutenant Junior Grade, the minehunter “Tajo” as Lieutenant, the corvette “Infanta Elena” as Lieutenant Commander and the frigate “Victoria” as Commander. During this tour of duty he participated in EU operation ATALANTA, conducting counter piracy operations from March to August 2010: he also took part in NATO’s operation ACTIVE ENDEAVOUR.

After commanding frigate “Victoria”, in September 2011, he was assigned to the Joint Operations Command, as J3 Staff Officer. In May 2013, he acted as head of the Strategic Plans branch of the Navy General Staff, where he was promoted to Captain in July 2014.

As Captain, Delgado Moreno assumed command as Chief of Staff of SPMARFOR (Spanish Navy High Readiness Forces [Maritime]) in December 9th 2014. In December 2016, he was appointed to Navy’s Directorate of Personnel as Chief of Human Resources branch.

He was promoted to Rear Admiral in September 21st 2018. From October 2018 to October 2021, he was assigned to Joint Force Command (JFC) Naples as ACOS J5 (Plans and Policy).

From October 2021 to September 2022 he was the Director of Naval Education.

On October 3rd 2022 he was appointed Maritime Action Admiral after having been promoted to Vice admiral.

Key courses:

  • Joint General Staff Course.
  • Tactical Action Officer.
  • NATO Combined Joint Operation Center.
  • NATO Senior Officer Policy.
  • NATO Staff Officer Orientation.
  • Operational Planning.
  • Promotion Course to Admiral.

Vice Admiral Delgado has been honored with many national and international decorations. Among them five Naval Merit Crosses, the Military Merit Cross, the Guardia Civil Merit Silver Cross, the NATO Medal (Operation SHARP GUARD), the EU medals (Operation ATALANTA), the Saint Hermenegildo Order awards, the France National Defense Gold Award and the Civil Merit Award.

Vice Admiral Delgado is from Cartagena; he is married to María Soledad Fernández-Valdés and has four children.


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